Contemporary Guitars by Prodlix

We like to build existing and original guitar designs - out custom built electric guitars really are second to none.

We offer a range of shapes that represent what we are about - unique and high quality guitars built to tight tolerances that look, sound and feel beyond your normal guitar shop stock.

We offer modern solutions to improving the guitar including set-through neck construction to improve tone and sustain, and neck strengthening to allow comfortable access to top frets and achieve better stability.

Here are examples of our contemporary custom made electric guitar designs created in consultation with the client:

Osprey Custom design - the customer wanted to showcase the beauty of the maple he had selected after a visit to the workshop, but he also wanted a versatile guitar capable of covering a broad range of styles. The small bodied Osprey design keeps the weight down of the master grade, book matched quilt maple top on a heavily figured birds eye maple body with the same wood for the set neck. Snake wood is used for the fingerboard.

Merlin Custom design - the client loved the sound of a Strat, but wanted the Gibson vibe too. Our solution; all the Fender essentials: a maple neck, Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and swamp ash body, but with a set-thru neck, a violin carved master grade quilt maple top and we used Seymour Duncan's excellent tapped mini humbuckers and Duncan duckbucker, to give the client 5 Fender sounds plus 4 genuine fat humbucking tones.

Merlin Custom design- the example shows the old Merlin design with its smaller body. The client wanted to be able to tap into a spectrum of Fender sounds and this is what we came up with: a set-thru flame maple neck sandwiched within an ash body and a curved over flame ash top. The Wilkinson tremelo coupled with the construction method, helped give this guitar a ringing resonance and lively feel.




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