Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac/Splinter Group)
[thanks to James Cumpsty for the image]

‘His current favourite is a natural wood finished electric made for him by luthier Guy Harrison....”I like to have a guitar with just one pickup”, Green adds, “that way you can try and keep the real connection between man and the instrument. It’s something that tends to get lost the more electrics there are.


Dennis Locorriere (Dr Hook)
Dennis Locorriere is a singer and songwriter.

"wow...what a great guitar man! I love the feel and the sound of it. It's got great sustain and really rocks."


Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper is a session man of many years standing and who has played with virtually all the big names in rock. He is a Harrison merlin owner and states;

"...everyone calls it 'the blue meany'. It has a huge range of tones and I can cover anything and in any style. It has fantastic balance and feels superb. Everyone who has seen it has wanted to try it and comment on just how great it sounds and plays. The build quality is second to non, its on another level from your usual guitar shop stuff, I'm delighted with it".


Ian Smith
[thanks to Debs Taylor for the image]

“I can remember the exact moment when I opened the case, I was blown away. Then I picked it up. The balance and feel bordered on the sensuous. The finish is fabulous. You look into the outrageously quilted maple top and see patterns that shift in the light. Then I played it. The tonal range is astonishing. This has to be the lightest feel ever for the best results and sustain is for ever. I swear the guitar accelerated my abilities 100%. I dropped a PRS for this.”






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